About Us

Granite Johannesburg

Get the best Granite surfaces in the city!

Granite Johannesburg was founded in 1995 with the vision to offer great granite deals without compromising on the quality of our granite surfaces.

We  provide wide range of granite and quarts worktops for customers in and around the greater Johannesburg area. We also provide marble, kitchen and bathroom cladding and granite for bespoke interiors and exteriors.

Smooth surfaces produced locally!

Granite Johannesburg provides granite that is manufactured locally and this always us to fabricate to specifications and provide installations of granite surfaces within 3-5 days from templating.

The benefits of our granite:

  • Granite is hard:- Due to the strength of granite surfaces for working areas such as kitchens, granite has a natural hardwearing property that makes it durable and easy to maintain.
  • High Quality:- At Granite Johannesburg we only work with the best granite which means you get waterproof, stain resistant and almost un-scratchable granite surfaces that can pretty much handle everyday intensive activities!
  • Affordable Granite:- Our granite is one of the most affordable in the city and we also provide added discounts the more orders you make. We provide free deliver in and around the city to save you more costs.

Granite Johannesburg provides you with access to a wide variety of granite colours and textures to suit your needs and one thing you know about granite it will add value to any area you install in.

Call Granite Johannesburg for quality granite worktops that are produced according to your specifications and requirements today and get a free estimation for free!